For a hot second, I thought about going back to school to become a teacher. Since having a child and interacting with other parents, I am so glad that idea has come and gone.
Over the weekend, the hubster and I took E to a local bounce place so that he could wear himself out. I knew it was going to be crazy (being a Saturday and all) and I was right. They had about a gazillion parties going on but we toughed through it. Besides, E doesn’t usually last longer than a half an hour.

There was a particular group there that made me give them major side eye. The older boys were running around playing tag. They were flying through the bounce houses and one practically took me out when he came flying down a slide (I was waiting to catch E).

Where were there parents, you ask? They were standing around telling their other children not to follow the rules.

There are 2 bounce houses there that are dedicated to kids under 3. There are about 5 other bounce houses that are just for the older kids. E loves the little ones and we don’t have to worry about him being trampled. That is until these parents told their much older kids it was ok to go in them.

The “refs” told these kids multiple times that they couldn’t play in these houses and pointed them to the correct ones. When their parents asked them why they weren’t playing in them anymore, the kids told them they weren’t allowed.

Here is where I become agitated.

The mother told the one kid “Don’t worry about what they say. I said you can play in there.”

Gee thanks lady. Thanks for telling your child that you are the only authority figure in their life and that they don’t have to listen to other adults.

Oh and thanks for taking my child’s safety into consideration. E might be a brute and he might be able to stand up for himself but come on, these kids were like 6 years old and up.

I can see why teachers these days are always on guard about what they say or do! It makes me worry about E’s generation. Will they ever know what it means to be held accountable for anything? Hopefully, it’s not a sign of the times.

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