Yesterday was the March for Babies walk. We knew the rain was coming and we didn’t know what to do. Saturday I sent an e-mail to my team. I was definitely going to be there, but I didn’t expect everyone to make the trip only to walk in the rain. I mean, I did have some team members that were coming quite a ways.

When I woke up Sunday, I ran to the window. The roads were wet and the sky was gray but no rain. Then my phone rang. It was dear old mom asking if I was going. “Of course, I’m going.” She quickly got off the phone to hop in the shower. I then called my sister, my co-captain. She was still asleep and clearly had no intention of coming to the walk. When I hung up with her, I called my mom back to tell her not to bother. I was planing on going this one alone.

Then my phone rang, again. My brother in law had guilted my sister in going. “Afterall,” he said, “you did all this work and fundraising not too see it through to the end.” And of course, he was right.

When I left, it was just misting. I asked E if he wanted to go walking with mommy and he was excited! So off we went.

When I got to the walksite, it was pretty crowded. I was impressed with how many people we’re braving the rain. Then my phone rang. It was my friend, Renee. She was there! In total, there was 4 adults and 2 kids walking.

Due to the rain, the walk was shortened from 4 miles to 2. The rain held off and it was just a fine mist the entire time.








Being pushed in the stroller for 2 miles sure is hard work! And is so worth it! As a team, we raised $3,153 (and counting, donations are still coming in)!!!

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