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One thing I learned last year during our first official school year, there must always be after school snacks. Even though he packed a snack for school (and probably ate it 30 minutes before he left school), Ethan came home ravenous. You would think he didn’t eat all day.

This year, he will be heading off to First Grade and will be there all day long. (Can you hear my rejoicing?). While he will eat lunch at school and have a snack, I know he’s gonna come home hungry. And once baseball starts up, there are going to be nights were his after school snack will also be a fast dinner before running out the door.

Growing up, one of my favorite after school snacks were Bagel Bites. Ahh, they bring back memories. My older sister would throw these in the microwave for us after school or on the nights when my parents were working late.  While at WalMart this weekend, we were stocking up on school lunch ideas (so we can try them out beforehand) and I grabbed some Bagel Bites as well. Knowing my kids, I knew they would be hit.

quick after school snacks

Of course I just couldn’t just throw the Bagel Bites in the microwave and call it a day. Oh no, I had to be one of those over-achievers who makes her kids’ food fun (and educational). Well you know what? Making it fun is not only a sometimes treat but is a great way to introduce new foods.

This time, I took some Bagel Bites and Delimex Chicken Taquitos to make a fun (and tasty) game Biteable Math!

Biteable Math with Bagel Bites and Delimex Chicken Taquitos

biteable math-1

It really can’t get any easier! Cook 9 Bagel Bites and 2-3 Delimex Chicken Taquitos according to directions on the box. After they cool down, grab the kids to practice their math skills.


Set the Taquitos out for some old school math. You could either cut one Taquito and make a plus sign or use one half for subtraction. Start laying out math facts like shown below.

biteable math-3

If you decide to practice subtraction facts, let them eat the one they “take away.”  Not only is this a fun and quick after school snack but an easy way to have a little fun after a long, hard day at school and get some math practice in.

biteable math-2

Up next?

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