We’re prepared for school lunches with the help of Jif™Bars as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #TeamJif

When my son came home on the first day of school, there were a lot of papers to sort through. IN the pile of papers to sign and return, there was a class schedule so parents knew more about their child’s school day. What jumped right out at me was my son’s lunch time. 10:45 AM! I was shocked that his lunch would be so early and we were gonna run into some problems.

#1 – He wasn’t going to be really hungry at 10:45 am.

#2 – He was going to come home starving.

I knew I was going to have strategically pack his lunch every day. Plenty of protein to fuel him through the end of the day so he wasn’t a ravenous 7 year old when bursts through the door after school.

jif bars-4

One of the things he likes to pack every day is a bar. When I was asked to try the new Jif™Bars, I knew they would be the right combination. They would be something that he likes to eat while giving him the pack of protein that I need him to have. Jif Bars are made with the Jif peanut butter you know and love and combine crunchy Jif peanut butter and a chewy granola bar. Jif Bars are perfect for school lunchboxes!

jif bars-1

Now that I have the food to power him through the day, it’s time to add in a little encouragement from Mom and Dad. And nothing beats that than a motivational note! My oldest is a little shy and can use all the encouragement he can get. He seeks approval from us and beams when he’s told he’s doing a good job. since I am not there with during the school day to help him along, I like to tuck a little note in his lunch box.

He has yet to tell me that they embarrass him so I am going to run with it!

jif bars-2

Pack your child’s lunch with a the punch of Jif Bars and a Motivational Lunchbox Note! Print your own HERE so you can encourage your student during the day!

jif bars-3

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