If things are quiet around these parts for awhile, it means we are without power. As much as that thought frightens me {being without power for a long time with 2 kids}, it’s pretty much guaranteed at this point.

Today I’ve been busy making muffins and blueberry bread, filling the freezer with ice, bathing the kids and doing laundry.


My Facebook feed has been clogged with status updates of what everyone is doing to prepare. Here are a few:

How to Prepare for a Hurricane

  1. Fill the bathtub up with water. This water can be used to flush toilets, brush teeth, and boil water if you loss power. You can also place buckets outside to collect rain water {but I’d be afraid that they will blow away!}.
  2. Keep a flashlight under everyone’s pillow. Make sure you have back up batteries.
  3. Keep a full freezer to keep food cooler longer. Fill bags of water and freeze. Use frozen bags to fill the gaps in the freezer.
  4. Keep your freezer and fridge on the coldest setting. Don’t open it once the power goes out unless you really need to!
  5. Fill propane tanks for your grill. You can cook the food in your freezer on the grill if you are without power for a while.
  6. Stock up on wine! Or in my case iced coffee!

What are you doing to prepare?

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