It was a bittersweet ending to Blog with Love on Sunday. As much as missed the hubster and kiddo, I also didn’t want to leave behind the awesome time we had! But we definitely knew how to end on a high note. I brought the ladies to my absolute favorite steak shop. Forget Geno’s and Pat’s, Tony Luke’s is the place to go! They get it right every.single.time.

I was so proud of hte Medifast ladies! Steph even skipped the cheesesteak {blasphem!} and ordered a hoagie. Jenni and Kelly daintly ate half and took the rest home for their husbands {right ladies?}.

Me on the other hand. I destroyed the whole thing. I couldn’t stop myself! Nothing stands between me and a true Philly icon.

I know my time is ticking {5.5 weeks left!} and once I pop this baby out, I will no longer be able to eat like this. The D word is lurking right around the corner.

I think I am going to have to make one more stop for a steak and sundae!

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