This Momma needs a vacation. Badly. And I’m not so sure if I had a choice if I would bring the hubster and E with me! {Although I do have a family-free weekend coming with Kelly, Jenni, and Steph!}

I think what I really need to do is unplug for a weekend and sleep and read and sleep some more. And you know what? I might just get that opportunity next weekend! We are headed out to Pittsburgh for our last trip before Baby #2 comes. We originally were going to go out for Easter but I’ll be 36 weeks then. Yeah, so not happening!

After next weekend and my little girls’ weekend, I don’t forsee a vacation for me in a looooooong time. Sure we will take some trips while I am on maternity leave but come on, will that really be a vacation? With a 3 year old {OMG!} and a 2 month old {OMG again!}, I would hardly call that a vacation!

So who’s with me? Let’s all pack our bags and get away! QUICK!


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