I never really realized just how many pictures I do take with my cell phone during the week! I didn’t think I would have enough to play along this week. Boy was I wrong!

1. Storytime at B&N
2. Hot lunch date!
3. Working at Wegman’s

1. Fa-jitas!
2. E ate almost the entire thing himself!

1. Crazy curls!
2. Ulta “Setting the Nude”
3. Swimming!
4. Passed out
5. Passed out v2
6. My own “No Heat Curls” but not really {they are natural!}

1. Fuel!
2. Grillin’ out
3. Toothless Wonder
4. View from deck

1. 9 weeks old
2. Aaaarrrggghhh!

1. Lovin’ my new flats
2. Sunday morning shopping

Link up your cell phone pics with Amy!

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