My Grande Life.

Most days, I wouldn’t describe my life as too grand. But overall, it really is a “grande” life. How could it not when these little guys are a huge part of it?

My little {big} man is the reason why I am even part of this great big blogosphere. I started seriously blogging back when I was pregnant with him. I’ve shared the wonders of pregnancy and the joys of motherhood, with a little fun in between.

He may one day be a little embarrassed to look back on my grande life but his life, our life, is here forever. If I can’t remember when he hit a specific milestone, I just have to scroll back a few pages and there it is.

And where would I be without the hubster? His antics give me a reason to rant and rave on almost a daily basis.

about a grande life

Even though he really doesn’t understand the whole bloggy thing, he is supportive. He listens to me when I am seething and pulling my hair out when html code is giving me a hard time. He helps me when I have a little writer’s block. And he doesn’t mind me sharing his antidotes. But don’t let all that love and support fool you. There are many times I wish that you could get a free pass to give your husband a good knock out every now and then.

And then there’s Benny. Oh Benny boy, you have no idea what you are getting yourself into. You are the newest addition to our little family and you are fitting in quite nicely. You give mommy even more reasons to continue this “hobby” of hers and plenty of cuteness to share with the world.

But when it all comes down to it, it’s really all about me. Isn’t it?

I’m just a mom who juggles taking care of the kids, running a photography business, and trying to keep it all straight!

I still can’t get over how many of you visit my blog daily and leave me bloggy love. But that’s not what it is all about. If you all disappeared into the interwebz tomorrow (Please don’t! You must come back!), I’d still be here. Ultimately, this for me…my outlet…my amusement…my therapy.

My Grande Life.