Let’s face it, as fun and exciting as vacation with the family might seem, road trips can result in a loud, cranky bunch if you don’t plan accordingly. Instead of letting the backseat turn into a war zone, keep all the kids (and you) happy and entertained for a fun, memorable trip. Here are the must-have products to do just that.

Family Road Trip Style Guide

1. iPad: If you bring only one thing with you, it should be your tablet—loaded up with fun games, movies, and music. Tablets not only keep the kids entertained, but it can hold movies, books, and magazines for you too.

2. Wheels on the BusNow is the perfect time to try out some kid-friendly learning apps; with such educational games, you’ll feel better about letting your kids get some screen time.

3. MathmateerFor the older kids, you can turn a long trip into a learning opportunity. Download a few math or reading games to see if you can squeeze in a little educational time (but you don’t have to tell the kids that’s
what you’re up to!).

4. iPad CoverThis case is lightweight and slim, making it super easy to pack in your suitcase or purse. This smart case is perfect for your solo time with the iPad, as it isn’t completely kid-proof.

5. Tablet Holder for Car SeatThere’s no need to worry about little hands dropping costly electronics; there are many varieties of tablet or phone holders that keep them safe and secure in the car.

6. Multi-Gadget Charging StationIf you decide to bring along a handful of gadgets, you might find yourself in need of more places to recharge them all. A handy charging station will give you plenty of juice for all your electronics.

7. Mobile Hotspot: Especially if you’re traveling through more rural areas, you might consider investing in a Wi-Fi hotspot. They can be connected with multiple devices, and are more reliable than your phone’s hotspot function.

8. Kid’s Camera: Even better: a sturdy, simple kids’ camera made just for them.

9. Noise-Cancelling HeadphonesNo matter how many fun diversions you’ve packed for your road trip, there will still probably be times when voices are raised. Guard your sanity by keeping a set of comfy, noise-cancelling headphones nearby.

10. Kid-Sized HeadphonesKid-sized headphones can accommodate smaller heads, and are perfect if the little ones want to listen to their music or movies on loud.

11. Headphone SplitterIf an obnoxious children’s movie marathon is a part of your road trip plans, go one step further and grab a splitter that lets your kids all listen to the same device while you remain in peace.

12. License Plate GameLet your kids rest their eyes by playing with a fun and instructive car game; find one that has no loose pieces to get lost forever down the cracks of seats.

With these must-have gadgets, you can take your road trips from hectic chaos to peaceful fun.

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