I was dreading to come home from Chicago. Not just because our trip was over but I was slammed back to reality the minute I walked in the door.

My house is a disaster.

And it’s stressing me out.

It’s not like my house was ever pristine. I’m not fooling anyone with that. I have never been known to be the most organized or orderly person. I always struggled with keeping my room clean growing up. In fact, there were several times in an effort to actually get me to clean my room, my father trashed it so that I had no choice but to clean it. Truth be told, if I had my way, I would have just climbed over the pile into my bed and left it.

Things have not changed much since then. Maybe I’m a hoarder. Not in a piles of garbage and animal waste hoarder but in a “oh I can’t throw that out it means something to me” hoarder. I have come to the realization that I do have some strange emotional attachment to stuff. And its just that. It’s just stuff. Papers, artwork, magazines.

Just stuff.

But I just cant seem to get myself to throw to out no matter how much it is stressing me out.

Whenever I visit someone’s “perfect” home, I wonder why I can’t have that? Is it  because our house is too small? Is because of I have too much just stuff? Is it because I am just lazy? Is it a combination of all of that?

I’m seriously at the point where I just want to grab the biggest dumpster I can find and toss it all. I want my home to be inviting not cluttered. The “just stuff” is making everything seem so cramped that I don’t feel like our house is a home.

Just a space to hold the stuff.

And that’s not what a home should feel like. It’s not what I want my home to feel like.

I need your help. I need your tips. I need a housekeeper {any takers?}.

How do you keep your house clean? Or are you like me and just can never seem to keep on top of it? I’ll take whatever advice you got!



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