We’d all love to earn a bit of extra cash, or develop additional side-income. Goods, services and skills are always in high demand online, so there are plenty of legitimate ways to get paid little and often to choose from.

make money online

Sitting on the dock of eBay

I have never delved into the world of eBay but I have often been tempted! There is always something for everyone on eBay. Start by selling your unwanted individual or bulk items, such as collectibles, DVDs and clothes. It’s a great way to declutter your home. You can also ask your friends and family if they would like you to help them sell some of their stuff for a small fee.

musicMagpie to the ears

If dealing with online bids and offers isn’t really your style, but you would still like to sell stuff online, then musicMagpie might right for you. They offer a fair and decent money exchange price rate for various goods, such as CDs, DVDs, games and Blu-rays, and gadgets, technology, and even clothes in the UK. It’s free to post or to  have these items collected by musicMagpie. From adding up the value of several items to exchange you’ll soon earn a pretty penny!

List it on Craiglist

Got some large goods you can’t anywhere sell elsewhere, or a musical or linguistic talent you would like to share? With Craigslist’s regional divisions, you can target your services and products to people within your localized area, adding a sense of community while earning a fair amount.

eHow do you do

Create a content article for eHow, advising other readers on how to go about a specific task. It could be any know-how you would like to share that others might appreciate, such as how to unshrink a sweater. You’ll soon earn from your quality advice!

New kid on the Blog

If you have a good writing style, you could consider offering to compose some short freelance guest blog posts, either on a subject of your choice, or you can request a topic from the blog owner. This can pay well, particularly if you are asked to write more articles. Or set up your own blog! You could be paid by businesses to write about their products and services, and even receive some freebies!

Etsy peasy

If you enjoy design or photography, or have a talent for homemade crafts, or maybe you have some vintage clothes to sell, then Etsy might be the place for you. One of the most creative online marketplaces, it attracts a niche but well-paying clientele.

Remember, trust your instinct and don’t commit if something doesn’t look or feel right, to ensure an enjoyable and highly rewarding experience for you and your lifestyle.

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