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Summer may be winding it’s way down but there’s still time to enjoy iced coffee. It will be awhile before I make the switch back to hot coffee and I have found a few things that work for me at home. I have been skipping the drive thru and making my own iced coffees.

iced coffee-5

I found a really easy way to not only save money but time! How? Cold-brewed coffee.

How to Make Cold-Brewed Coffee

how to make cold-brewed coffee

There are many ways to prepare your cold-brewed coffee: french press, pitcher, a jar, really anything you have on hand. I used a large mason jar to help me make mine. By following the steps below, you will have 24 cups of liquid coffee concentrate to get you moving in the morning (or afternoon!).

For the cold brew, you will need a 2-gallon glass container. Again, I used a large mason jar to brew mine.

cold-brewed coffee-1

Pour an 11-oz package of ground coffee, like Lavazza’s Kiliminjaro, into a glass container.

cold-brewed coffee-2

Next, add 6 quarts of water. Stir until the ground are soaked. Cover and let steep for at least 10 hours.

cold-brewed coffee-3

After your coffee has soaked for at least 10 hours, pour through a cheesecloth-lined strainer or use your coffee pot filter! If you end up using a coffee filter, you will have to rinse it out numerous times because the grounds will start to build up.

cold-brewed coffee-6

You can keep your cold-brewed coffee in your mason jar in the refrigerator for a few months!

cold-brewed coffee-5

I do not recommend drinking this coffee straight from the jar! It is very strong and is a good base for a homemade iced coffee, latte, or frappe!

iced coffee-1

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