Episode 5×08: LaFleur

One word: SAWYER!!!

Easter Eggs:

  • The girl in the beginning was wear a Geronimo Jackson t-shirt.
  • The Egyptian statue – I believe this is the 4 toed statue that Sayid points out.
  • There is a picture of the island on the wall in Sawyer and Juliet’s house.
  • When Sawyer goes looking for Juiliet, he asks Tom where she is.

Now let’s get into the meat of the episode.

  • I think the most important question to come out of last night’s episode is “Who is the baby?” For all we know, the baby does not have an important role at all. Just to show that babies can be born on the island. However, this is lost and everything happens for a reason. You could go in a number of directions for this one. Could the baby possibly be Jacob? Horace, afterall, was building Jacob’s cabin as a getaway for his wife. Or could the baby be Jack? And this ties into the Shepard family being a part of the island. Only time will tell. But really, it could be anyone!
  • I’m really liking Juliet these days. She’s one bad-ass lady. She always has Sawyer’s back, she takes out an Other without blinking an eye, working as a mechanic! Eventhough Kate’s back, I think Sawyer and Juliet will stay together. They seem too close at this point.
  • I loved the exchange between Richard and Sawyer/LaFleur. You know this will have some implications coming up. We know that there was a purge back in the Dharma days which involved Ben. Will that happen now that Sawyer/LaFleur is working with the Dharma people? Seems like they are rewriting history. And couldn’t that possible mess up the future. Oh this is making my head hurt!

Everything seems to be falling into place now.

  • Now that the losties are in the 70’s, this would explain why Richard had files on everyone. He knew them and knew how to follow them to the current time.
  • Also, iIs this how Ben comes back into time and tricks Charles Widmore into turning the wheel..then coming into power of the others? Now that Ben is back on the island, in a time where the Dharama Initiative is still active… that perhaps means that Charles Widmore is on the island, and with him of course Richard Alpert. Ben being the manipulator he is, takes Richard aside and convinces him he also needs to lead their people. After somehow gaining the Other’s trust, he will convince Charles to spin the wheel, since Ben knows about it even though Charles maybe doesn’t know the full extent. Maybe this is how Charles Widmore looses access of the island in the future? Or perhaps by Charles spinning the wheel they also fall back into the correct time-line, where Richard can guide Locke for the WAR.

And I leave you with my favorite quotes of the night, thanks to Mr. Sawyer.


“Your buddy out there with the eyeliner on.”

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