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Thanksgiving has come and gone and, if your family is anything like mine, there are a ton of leftovers. In fact, we just got home from Thanksgiving #2 and there are still leftovers.

Well, there’s leftover turkey. For some reason the sides get gobbled up quickly! More mashed potatoes need to be whipped and corn to be cooked. But who feels like cooking more after they just spent the week preparing for Turkey Day.

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Harvested and flash-frozen at their peak freshness, Birds Eye® uses only the highest quality vegetables for all its products. From pure and simple vegetables, to mixed medleys, to easy-to-prepare vegetables in sauce, any cook can have a host of nutritious menu options just minutes away. With so many choices, it’s no wonder Birds Eye® is America’s first choice in frozen vegetables, and has been for generations.

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Now that we have your sides covered, you need to do something with all that turkey! Here are some great recipes to use up the leftover turkey!

15 Leftover Turkey Recipes

Homemade Thanksgiving Turkey on a Plate


Turkey Tetrazzini

Turkey Enchiladas

Turkey Cranberry Flatbread

Turkey Mac & Cheese Casserole

Turkey Stack Dinner


Leftover Turkey Pesto Panini

Chipotle Turkey Cranberry Sandwiches

Turkey and Brie Grilled Cheese

Hand Pies with Apple and Cheddar

BBQ Turkey Sliders with Spicy Cranberry Spread


Turkey and Potato Soup

Turkey Pot Pie Soup

White Turkey Chili

Turkey & Sausage Gumbo

Turkey Corn Chowder

Now that you have the recipes for your leftover turkey, download a $1.00 off Flavor Full coupon to save on your sides!

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