A chocolate frosted cake, surrounded with Kit Kat bars, topped with M&M’s and wrapped with a beautiful ribbon makes for one of the best birthday cakes ever!

kit kat cake-8

What’s a mom to do when it’s her son’s 9th birthday and he requests a Kit Kat Cake as he’s walking out the door for school? Well, she makes him a Kit Kat Cake!

Before you go thinking that I slaved away making this cake, I am going to let you in on a little secret. I did not bake this cake. I made the cake but I had zero time to actually bake the cake. I simply swung by my local grocery store, grabbed a pre-made cake, and got to work.

You can wow your family with your own Kit Kat Cake in about 10 minutes.

Kit Kat Cake

kit kat cake

You will need:

kit kat cake-2

Start by taking off any decorations that your cake may have. Mine had a left-over flag for Memorial Day on top. If you are baking your own cake, ice with chocolate icing.

kit kat cake-3

Next, open your Kit Kats. You will need to break them so be careful when you do! When I broke mine, I made sure to keep them in order as it helped them line up nicely on the cake.

kit kat cake-5

Now you are ready to top with the M&M’s. Don’t be shy! Just go ahead and dump the whole bag on top.

kit kat cake-7

To finish, tie the ribbon around the Kit Kats to help keep them in place. It really is that simple. I can not wait to show my new 9 year old his birthday cake when he gets home from school. Dare I say this might just go down as the best birthday cake ever!

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