In a short two and a half weeks, my oldest will be heading off to his very first day of kindergarten. KINDERGARTEN! He has been home with me all summer and we have definitely had our moments. There have been numerous times I have asked “When does school start again?” I started counting down the days.   But,  in all honesty, I’m not ready for it to end.

But he needs it.

And he’s ready.

He needs the routine. He needs the social interaction. He needs to learn. He’s ready for school.

But I worry.

Will he make new friends?

Will they be kind?

Will he be kind?

Will they mistake his shyness for being rude?

Will he fall behind?

Will he excel?

Will he miss me?

Will he miss me?

I know I am not the only parent worrying about this very important day. I don’t know who’s taking it worse. Me. Or my husband.

When did he get old enough to go off to Kindergarten?

Who told him he get so big?

I know I sure didn’t.



I’m pouring my heart out today with Shell from Things I Can’t Say.


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