Feeding a family every night is a lot of work. There are so many food products on the market today with harmful preservatives, loads of fat and unpronounceable ingredients that many parents are now wary of prepared foods and opt instead to source simple, healthy meals for their families.

The George Foreman grill has long been a staple appliance in university residences and are becoming more and more popular in family homes as well. With none of the hassle of starting up an outside grill and all the benefits of a design that drains off excess fat; meals prepared on a counter-top grill are easy and healthy.

The grills themselves are available in a range of sizes to accommodate a range of customers. A larger grill can easily cook a family meal with very little clean-up. There are loads of websites and books dedicated to grill recipes but it’s also fun to come up with recipes of your own. Consider experimenting with family favorites on the grill and play around with new ingredients and flavors.


Veggies like eggplant, bell peppers and mushrooms are great on the grill and cook perfectly on the non-stick surface. Whether you marinate ahead of time or throw them on fresh, skewering the vegetables makes grilling easier as you only need to turn the skewers once or twice during cooking, and these make a more interesting mealtime for the kids as well.

Tortillas and paninis are also great for making grilled cheese and other hot sandwiches. Fill with whatever you want; spinach, chicken, cheese or hot peppers, and close the lid for a fast and healthy meal. Since the grills are non-stick, they don’t require any oil or butter to grease the pan, making them healthier as well. French toast with egg is also delicious as a simple breakfast option.

One of the handiest features of these electric grills is that they include specific cooking settings for different types of meat. From steak to salmon, homemade burgers to chicken breasts; the grill cooks meat to perfection. A favorite recipe idea is to marinade chicken breasts with orange or lime, along with oregano, thyme and garlic and then sear on the grill.

The best thing about cooking with an electric grill is that these meals are quick and easy, but you know exactly what ingredients have been added to them. Perfect for a hassle-free family dinner time!

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