I really can not believe that we are steamrolling our way through fall and winter {read: snow} will be here before we know it! And you know what comes after winter, right? Spring. {read: my baby will be one and my other baby will be four!}

Am I jumping the gun? Sure. It’s what I do best. I am always jumping ahead and thinking about what is going to happen, instead of what is happening. What can I say, it’s a strong part of who I am. I would be lying to you if I didn’t stop and admit that I am currently planning both of the boys’ birthday parties {backyard barnyard for Benny; ice cream party for E}. That will take place in May. May, people?! See, it’s just who I am.

But while my brain is trying to process what is going to happen six months from now, there are many things going on around me. A big goal that I currently have for myself is to enjoy the moment…to really immerse myself in what is going on…to take it all in.

I mean because, hey, my baby is going to be one soon and my other baby is going to be four. They surely aren’t going to slow down. I better enjoy every little piece of them now. It won’t be long until they are both moving out of the house and I will be stuck with just the hubster. Oh dear, now that is a thought to process!

Jumping the gun a bit? Maybe.

But it’s how I roll.

Do you jump the gun? Please tell me I am not the only one!


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