Jazwares provided Kids Toy Picks with fun new friends to help our preschoolers learn and grow. All opinions expressed below are our own.

Jazware Launches Weebles August 2016

Weebles Still Wobble And Have A Whole New Group of Friends

Weebles were a toy brand that we knew and loved when we were children. That bit of nostalgia is exactly why we are excited to share with our kiddos. In this relaunch they are super cute and absolutely adorable.

Revitalized To Resonate With Today’s Preschoolers

Let’s face it life is a wobbly adventure for all of us, especially small kiddos trying to find their way in the world developing their own little personalities. With a kiddo that’s currently in daycare and will be heading to a private catholic preschool in the fall every single day is a different adventure. Navigating little feelings and new friendships can get a little wobbly. 

The resounding message that you will wobble but you can get back up is such an important one to instill in children today. In a world with so much diversity, it’s important to try and promote confidence and resilience. As adults we get knocked down on a daily basis, and every day we get back up and do it again. Finding relatable teaching moments where little ones can understand are essential in surviving parenthood. 

Relatable Diverse Characters

Weeble CharactersThe new class of Weebles (kind of like Degrassi – The Next Generation) feature six new relatable and diverse characters for wide appeal. Ideal for preschool hands & play. All six Weebles friends feature a weighted round base and sculpted heads and arms.

Weebles Friends Assortment Includes: Winston, Willie, Wally, Wendy, Winnie, and Willow and are $3.99.

They also have a cute little play pack of Weebles Friends with Vehicles.  Each vehicle wobbles in a different wobbly way. Characters are dressed up to match the theme of the vehicle and removable. All vehicles connect together for a big wobbly train ride. Includes: Wendy & Horse, Wally & Rocket, Winston & Boat, and Willie & Train. Each vehicle set is $8.99.

Wobble Around Treehouse

As a kid I always wanted a treehouse, maybe that’s why I have an affinity to treehouse toys for my daughter. Jazwares pulls out all the stops with this relaunch creating The Weebles Wobble Around Treehouse Playset. It is the perfect place for all the Weeble friends to hang out and will retail at about $34.99.



Weeblesodes Debuting Soon

We know that hands-on play is sometimes not enough and that kids like to also enter the world in which their toy friends live. Soon you will be able to follow the six main characters, Wendy, Wally, Willie, Winnie, Willow and Winston on adventures in special Weeblesodes debuting soon on YouTube. Each episode features stories of wonder and humorous sharing lessons for today’s preschooler.

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