It figures it would take doctor’s orders to make me realize that I do need to take time out of the day and relax. Us moms are a busy species. From the moment we wake up until the minute our heads hit the pillow, we are doing, planning, thinking, being, loving…for everyone else.

Before having a child, I always had time for myself. I read a lot. I kept up with manicures and pedicures. I even managed to get my hair cut every 6-8 weeks. Now, not so much.

I can’t tell you the last time I finished a book.

books on a book shelf

I am lucky if I paint my own nails (usually in the summer only).

And I think my last hair cut was before Christmas.

But now that I have to relax and take time for myself, I am trying to find little ways to do that.

Whether it’s sitting down and enjoying my cup of coffee from the Keurig instead of chugging it while I do something else. Actually enjoying the flavors that I love so much.

keurig coffee maker

Or flipping through the stack of magazines that I have piled up and haven’t been touched in months.

Or catching up on my DVR’d shows that I never have time for.

Or going to the grocery store by myself.

It’s been easy for me to find the time to do these little things and I hope that the little enjoyments will lead to bigger ones (like getting my hair cut). For now, I am focusing on the moments that I get by myself. My time is ticking and I know that alone time will really be a thing of the past once the new kiddo comes along.

As long as I can still get in those little moments to myself, Momma will be happy!

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