No Cinco de Mayo baby. No 5+6=11 baby either.

I was sent home after my NST yesterday on bed rest. When I arrived at the hospital, my blood pressure was 149/90. Up a lot since Monday. I took that as a good indicator that they would be keeping me. But once they got me on my left side and rested for a bit, it came down to 118/64 {perfect!}.

Just as they were going to let me go, baby boy’s heart rate was a little low and he wasn’t really moving. That’s when I panicked a bit. Let something be wrong with me, not him. After chugging some juice, he started doing his dance party routine. Little bugger was just sleeping! And let’s just say he wasn’t too happy with being woken up.

So what’s the plan?

I am on bed rest until delivery. I go back to the hospital for another NST on Monday {at 1 o’clock}. If they let me go Monday, I go from the hospital to the doctor’s for my 38 week appointment. After that, it’s back to the hospital Thursday for yet another NST. Round and round we go!

Honestly, I think they are trying to keep him in until 38 weeks so that there’s a really good chance that his lungs are mature and ok.

Here’s hoping Monday is the day!

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