Well, I was melting.

Yesterday, we had a major heat wave hit our area. I’m talking triple digits, people. Wednesday night when we went to bed, the house was nice and cool. In fact, I had to bundle up under the blankets I was so cold. Yesterday morning was another story.

Our air conditioning went…on the day that we were going to hit triple digits. We are hoping that the AC was just having a hard time keeping up with cooling off the house and not that it’s kaput.

We know our AC needs to be replaced but it’s just not in the budget right now. We don’t exactly have $5,000 laying around. But it needs to be done. Between a faulty thermostat {don’t get me started} and the fact that it’s 15 years old, it’s time for it be replaced.

But thankfully, the skies parted and a storm rolled in, cooling us off. Just when I was about to rip all my clothes off {which is quite scary!}.

Today it’s only supposed to be 91…only. I guess I’ll be melting again.

But there’s hope on the horizon! Just look at the next couple of days.

Hopefully, our AC can be fixed again and we can hold the replacement off a little while longer!

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