I hate teeth!!!

Yeah, he looks all sweet and innocent, doesn’t he? But that guy and one of his buddies is currently torturing E. Which then leads to E torturing me. I understand that it must be a painful thing to have these mean guys busting through your gums but does mommy need to feel the pain too? I guess so.

He doesn’t want to eat (which is highly unusual for him), he’s whiny, he’s clingy, he’s miserable! He wants you to pick him up then changes his mind and pushes you away. He comes and wants a hug but that’s an ulterior motive to get close enough to bite you.

Then there’s the 3:45 AM wake up call. It can’t just be a simple cry out to Mom. No, high pitch, blood-curdling scream, as if someone was hurting him. Hubster jumped out of bed to see what was wrong. But E wouldn’t let him pick him up. Which lead to more blood-curdling screaming. He finally got some Tylenol in him and brought him to bed with us.

It started out ok. He wanted to lay on my pillow (which is cute but not at 3:45 am). His head was right up against mine. Then he wanted to lay with the hubster. But instead of laying like a normal person, he laid across the bed, with his toes in my stomach. And, of course, he just can’t be still. No, that would be asking to much. He started kicking his legs around.

Finally, hubster had enough. He took him downstairs and laid on the couch with him. All was quiet for a while and I thought it was ok to finally fall back asleep. As soon as I was drifting off, there was that screaming again.

I think it was around 5 am that we finally got him to go back to sleep. It felt like no sooner than I closed my eyes, the hubster’s alarm went off. I laid there waiting for E to get up (I think he hears the alarm clock).

And I’m still waiting. Figures, right?

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