Seriously, where can I find me a bubble? I need one in a size 3. E is bound and determined to get his first {of many I’m sure} stitches. This weekend alone we have had more than our fair share of close calls.


 …jumped off the living room furniture and landed just centimeters from the train table.

 …jumped off our bed onto our bean bag chair and almost miss the chair entirely and end up on our dresser. 

…run around on wet bleachers.

 …jump {notice a pattern} off said bleachers.

 …run into doors. {don’t ask.}

 …fallen off our chair and think it’s funny so continue to do it over and over again.

 And finally we thought it would be a good idea to wear daddy’s shoes while walking down the stairs. This resulted in us tumbling down almost the entire flight of steps. Miraculously, not one bump or scratch. I don’t know how he managed that one.

I better get the hospital on speed dial. I have a feeling we are going to be paying them a visit real soon.

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