An Island Life is holding an “I love Summer” photo contest. I am a little late in entering but I just loved the theme. If you would like to enter, you are in luck. You still have time. You have until July 20th (which is tomorrow) to get your entries in!

I searched through my flickr page (all 2,921 pictures!) to find my favorite summer picture. It was hard seeing that a) I just opened the flickr account in March and b) summer isn’t over. I had some older pictures from vacations that I could have used but I knew there had to be a shot from this summer.

And then I found it!

Park and Pool 005_phixr

What I love the most about summer is taking E to the park. He loves being outside, running around and exploring the park. This picture was taken while we were on vacation. It was one of the only moments that he would stand still. We were playing ice cream store and he was having a blast. It was one of the first times that he did “pretend play.” And he really seemed to get what we were doing. I will always remember this day!

Voting for the favorite “I love Summer” photo begins Tuesday, July 21st. I will post the link for voting. If you like this picture of my little guy, please vote for us. But please stop by the other entries and give them a shout out!

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