It’s week two of officially being a stay at home mom and I am a failure. Ok, so I have been doing this a lot longer than a week but now it’s official. I just can not get my act together. The house is a disaster {always is}, I feel like a hot mess, and I pray that the kids aren’t feeling any of that.

I am drowning. I really do not know how people do it.

I don’t know they can give all the attention to a three year old that he deserves.

I don’t know how they just don’t sit and stare and love on their three month old.

How do you do that AND keep the house clean {well, get it clean to begin with and keep it that way}, have dinner cooked, love the kids, and stay sane? How is it possible?

I look at sites like I Heart Organizing and I just stare in disbelief that someone’s house can look like that. And stay that way. Remember that three year old! I feel like the minute I put something away, the hurricane {I’m not talking about Irene} comes and throws out five more things, spills a drink, and drops cookie crumbs all over the floor.

Is my life supposed to be an endless cycle of rather, rinse, repeat? Vacuum, pick up, repeat. Dust, laundry, repeat. It’s good day in our house if we are all out of our PJs, dinner is on the stove, and the house looks semi-decent by the time the hubster comes home. Bonus if I took a shower that day.

I know the way things are going right now is not the best for our family. I am not 100% happy. I know the hubster isn’t 100% happy. Something has to change. I need to find my SAHM-groove. And I need to find it fast!

I am going to start with baby steps. If I dive in head first, I know I’ll end up drowning some more. I need to ease myself into the water.

What are your tips for staying sane and keeping up with the house and kids? I need all the help I can get!


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