As a photographer, I have to get pretty clever when it comes to my props! I like to do a lot of DIY props because they are inexpensive and fun to make! Like my dyed cheesecloth for newborn photos (can be used as an accent in craft posts too!) Or a wooden crate for your child to sit on or even to showcase your food!

I have been doing a lot of food photography lately and have fallen in love with my glass milk bottles. I’ve put candy in them and decorations, and even milk. And then it dawned on me! You are so wasting milk in that bottle for a photograph. I don’t know about your kids, but my kids fly through milk so there’s really none to be spared.

And then it hit me! I needed some faux milk!

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How to Make a Milk Bottle Prop

You will need:

how to make a milk bottle blog prop -10

Pour some paint into the bottom of your milk bottle. You don’t need a lot to start!

how to make a milk bottle blog prop -11

Slowly, tilt and tip your bottle to move the paint up and around the neck of the bottle.  You can add  more paint if you need it. Continue tilting, tipping and rotating until the glass is covered and you have the milk bottle as “full” as you would like it.

how to make a milk bottle blog prop -3

Let the paint dry before using! Now you don’t have to waste any more milk for your food photos!

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