Today, we are packing up the car and the kids and heading on a 4 hour road trip to Pittsburgh. We have been making this trip for quite some time now, however, when you do it with kids, it can be a little stressful. Sure, we can pop on a few DVDs and cross our fingers that they sleep the whole way. But how many times does that plan work out perfectly? This time, I planned ahead and came up with ways to keep the kids busy on the road trip.

how to keep kids busy on a road trip

How to Keep Kids Busy on a Road Trip

1. Travel Bingo – This seems to be a staple of road trips but we have never tried it with the kids before. I found a ton of cute free printables to use. I decided to go with Dora’s Colorful Car Bingo from Nick Jr. The pictures will be easy for Ethan use to find.

Colorful Car Bingo{source}

 2. Road Trip Search and Find – If Bingo isn’t your thing, these Road Trip Search and Finds are perfect! This is a great quiet car activity. Perfect for when child is sleeping and the other isn’t!

Road Trip Search and Find{source}

3. Road Trip Apps – We never travel without the iPad . When I found this great list of Road Trip apps, I knew they would be perfect for Ethan. I already talked to him about being able to play games on the “computer” while we are in the car.


4. DVD Coloring Case – I wish I would have found this before I went and bought a travel coloring case!  This coloring case made out of a DVD box is such a creative and compact way to bring along some coloring pages and colored pencils. This is also great to keep in the diaper bag or your purse to keep kids busy when you are out at a restaurant.

DVD Coloring Case{source}

5. Track Your Progress – I really, really love this idea! This is a visual idea of how long the trip will be. Just print out a picture of a car and string it through  some ribbon. Tie the ends of the ribbon to the car handles. Make black lines for each hour of the trip across the ribbon. Slide the car across the ribbon as travel along your road trip!

Track your Progress on a road trip{source}

And to keep the little buggers in line, I love the idea of Kids Clips to keep track of good behavior! The rules are simple. If the kids are behaving, the clip stays up! If they make a bad choice or are whiny, the clip comes down . If the clip is still down when there is a chance to do something fun, they miss out!

kids clips for road trips{source}

How do you keep your kids entertained on a long car ride?

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