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Sometimes it seems like the household chores are never-ending, especially during the summer. Being a work-at-home mom, things can get too overwhelming during summer break. The kids are home. The pool is calling your name. But there are things that need to get done at home.

But all those chores don’t have to get done by Mom! I can think of a few things on my daily to-do list that can be delegated to the kids! 

Before you start handing out the summer chores to the kids, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

Stock up. 

avoid the oops-3

Have you ever started a load of laundry only to realize the bottle is empty or reached for a paper towel and finding an empty roll? Yeah, we’ve all been there.  No one likes that sinking feeling when you reach for something only to realize it’s all gone. That’s why it’s important to make sure you stock up on your summer home essentials. 


Well the kids are home more! We run out of dishwasher detergent more because there are more dishes to wash!

More loads of laundry are being done because we are at the pool almost every day. 

And there are more spills to clean up so you better make sure you have paper towels and cleaning supplies on hand.

And what’s even more worse than running out? Dragging the kids to the store to stock up! But what most shoppers don’t realize is the option of shopping for the same great household essentials at Walmart’s everyday low prices on And by doing so, we can save time and enjoy more of that summer sunshine.

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In about 5 minutes, I ordered all of my summer essentials at and all my summer shopping was done! You can either have your order shipped straight to your door OR pick it up at the store! And if you spend more than $50 shipping is free! 

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Once your stocked up, it’s time to start delegating!

age-appropriate summer chores

Give them age appropriate chores.

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Think about what your youngest children are capable of doing around the house. Young children often love setting the table and learning where to place the knife, fork, spoon, napkin, plate, and cup. Kids this age can help clear the table and rinse or wash the plates. Some people prefer to load the dishwasher themselves, but why not simply teach your child how to do it? It’s one less thing for you and many hands make a light load.

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Children can help sort laundry and carry it to the laundry room. I love using Tide Pods so they can also get the washer going! Throw in a load, pop in a Tide Pod, and the laundry is moving! This is the only way I can stay on top of all the laundry during the summer. By having the kids help! They also like moving it from the washer and dryer and they’ve turned it into a game. 

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And once the laundry is done? It’s time to fold! Folding laundry is something all children can do. Younger kids can begin with simple things like dish towels and socks and then move up to t-shirts, jeans and bed sheets.

When you stock up on your summer cleaning essentials and delegate the jobs, you’ll not only have a clean home but more time to spend at the pool!

What “oops” moments have you experienced this summer?

Simply head to to order everyday essentials to keep your household prepared.

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