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Being a food blogger, I heavily rely on my images to attract readers to my site. And it goes way beyond just taking the photos. There’s the editing afterwards!

Through the years, I’ve honed my editing skills and have gotten pretty good with editing quickly. But I am always up to try new things. I have used online photo editors in the past but they have never been quite as good as what I’m used to using.

Until now! I recently had the chance to try BeFunky and I really put it to the test. And I was pleasantly surprised with how quick and easy I can edit my blog photos online.

How To Edit Food Photos For Pinterest

Before we start, let’s talk about BeFunky before we start. While BeFunky has tons of free online photo editing effects and tools, the most powerful effects require an upgrade to BeFunky Plus. For just $4.95/month (or $2.91/month if users choose annual billing), users get access to every single tool and feature they offer in their online Photo Editor, Collage Maker, and Graphic Designer platforms. You are going to want to invest in this. Trust me.

Now, let’s get editing. My photo editing style is bright, light, with some contrast. And here is how you can do that with BeFunky.

First, open up your photo in BeFunky. Rotate, crop, and change up the orientation if need be. Now we are ready to tweak!

Next, using the Edit tab, under Exposure, tweak the Brightness, Contrast, and if you need more light, Fill Light. Adding Fill Light is a must for me and I haven’t found this feature in any other online photo editor.

Now that I have the general toning done for my photo, I am going to enhance it a bit more.

If there is anything in my photo that needs some touching up, like a random crumb, I’ll just go ahead and clone that out. You want a clutter-free background!

Now it’s time to tweak the color in the Color tab. This is where you can warm up your photos and play with the saturation. This helps me get the photo to match what the food looks like in real life.

To finish up my editing, I will actually go back to the Exposure tab and up the brightness even more. Finally, I’ll sharpen a bit to finish out my photo.

Once I have the photo where I want it, it’s time to create a image to promote on Pinterest. Long images work best for me on Pinterest and for this particular post a step by step would be great to use! Thankfully, BeFunky has a template just for that (along with a ton of templates to help you out)!

Using Designer mode, pick and a template and get to work! BeFunky couldn’t have made it any easier. You just pop your photos in, add text, and you are ready to go!

I’ll be using BeFunky more often now and it’s really helpful when I am traveling and away from my desktop. I can edit my photos with confidence and know that they will look amazing!



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