Yesterday, a friend posted in a Facebook group the dreaded “OMG” post.


how to back up your blog on blogger and wordpress

My first reaction was “OMG I’d die.”

My second reaction was “Back up your blog ladies!”

Why Should I Back Up My Blog?

If you have a back up of your blog, it’s easier to get back into the swing of things if something horrible happens, like your account gets hacked! Don’t think it can’t happen to you! Sh, erm, stuff happens. Knowing you have a back up of your blog will take a little bit of the headache away.

How Often Should I Be Backing Up My Blog?

It is recommended that you back up your blog weekly! If you post daily and want an up to date record of your blog than you should be backing up daily. DAILY!

So “how does one back up their blog?” you ask.

how to back up your blog

How to Back Up Your Blog on Blogger

I am going to be honest. I never backed up my blog when I was on blogger. Why? I just didn’t know how! And now that I do know how, I could kick myself for not doing it then! It’s so easy. You just have to export your blog!

To export your blog, go to the Settings | Other tab. All you have to do is click “Export Blog”. Then, click the Export Blog button. Your blog will be stored as a Blogger export file (.xml) which can be kept as a back up on your hard drive or imported into another blog. Exported blogs are not deleted from your dashboard or from

backing up your blog on blogger

How to Back Up Your Blog on WordPress {Self-Hosted}

Of course, there’s a Plugin for that!

Install the free BackUpWordpress plugin. Once you have it installed, you need to edit the settings. You can have the back up emailed to you and have a copy stored on your server. Having it in two places is a good idea in case something happens to your either your computer or your server. You can also set backups to run automatically or you can do them manually.

backupwordpress screenshot 1

How to Back Up Your Blog on

If you have a blog, you can use the export feature to save a copy of your content.

Let this be your daily reminder to back up those blogs!


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