My house is a disaster. A complete and udder disaster. When you are a working mom who also happens to have a flourishing side business, something in your life has to be sacrificed. Unfortunately, it’s the housework.

Between having a 2 year old who has the attention span of knat and moves from toy to toy creating a bath of distruction and not having the motivation to clean during the week, it just never happens. When I walk through the door at 4:30, my first thought isn’t “Let’s pick up this mess”, it’s “What’s for dinner and how quickly can I get it done?”. After dinner, we start running the rat race: tubby time, snack, books, show, bedtime routine. By then it’s close to 8 and who feels like getting their butt of their couch to clean? That’s when I usually do my editing and play around on the interwebz.

Then the weekend comes. And let me tell you, cleaning that mess is the last thing that I would want to do with my  time. Most weekends, I have at least one session (and sometimes even 2). When I don’t have a session, I am worried about spending quality time with E and doing things as a family. And cleaning is not my definition for quality time.

But I am at my breaking point. It’s just becoming too overwhelming at the moment. When I visit friends and family and see their immaculate houses, it makes me feel like a failure. I pick myself up by telling myself that they simply rushed around and threw crap in the closets and bedrooms moments before our arrival. That’s what everyone does, right?

If only I had a day off from work to tackle it. I’ve taken quite a few days off from work to do just that. But I don’t see one in my near future. And honestly, what’s the point? My work is usually ruined moments after the torando comes home from day care.

Who wants to volunteer and do it for me? You will be my bestest friend in the whole wide world if you did!


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