Thanks to Esurance, we can go home for the holidays safely. All opinions are our own.

Oh there’s no place like home for the holidays.


There is no sentence truer than that! There is nothing like going home for the holidays. Whether you are going to your childhood home for Christmas dinner or celebrating your first Christmas in your new home, everyone seems to go home.

During the Christmas season, we visit plenty of homes. We head to Pittsburgh a week or two before to celebrate Christmas at my husband’s grandparent’s home. Christmas day? The day starts with the kids bounding down the stairs and tearing through their presents. We then head to my brother-in-laws for Christmas Round 2. And then? Round 3 at my parent’s house.


The last thing, I want to worry about while traveling over the river and through the woods is something happening to our home while we are away. Whether you’re at or away from home, when you have a dependable homeowners insurance policy, you know that your personal liability and belongings are protected. While it’s something that I am not constantly worrying about, it’s always in the back of mind.

Because it’s happened before. Like the time the heat went off in our home Christmas Day. Or when we came home vacation to find our basement flooded while we were gone. Of course, you panic at first. But you worry-less when you know you have a good insurance policy to help you out.

Even better? With Esurance, you can cut down on paperwork and hassle with simple online policy management, flexible payment options, and reliable 24/7 customer service. We all deserve peace of mind when it comes to our homes. Because the last thing we want to do during the holidays is filing claims and worry.


From quote to claim, Esurance is working to help you make smarter, more efficient choices with your home and auto insurance. Using state-of-the-art technology, they offer a seamless online and mobile experience along with intuitive tools that help take the hassle out of insurance.

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