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With the holidays fast approaching, I find myself on the go {like I’m not on the go any other time, right?} and stressed {see previous statement}. But the holidays are also about certain comforts that only occur at this time of year.

When I see a certain red cup come out, I know that the holidays are coming. I find comfort in knowing that during my crazy holiday shopping that red cup will be there to give me that extra push to get through.
The first snow {a little sooner than we expected} kicks off snow days which are extra family time with the hubster. Those days are filled with making snowmen, drinking hot chocolate, and snuggling to get extra warm.
And you know the best place for a snuggle is a nice warm bed! Don’t get me wrong, I love my bed 365 days of the year but there’s something about cuddling with the boys and watching Frosty or Rudolph. You can’t get that in July {well, you can if you have the DVD, I’m just sayin’}.
The holidays also bring extra opportunities to spend some time with your family. We have a few family traditions that give us another excuse to get together and enjoy each other’s company. Family should always bring you comfort {and the cookies don’t hurt either}.
Speaking of cookies, I would be lying if I didn’t add food to my comfort list {and I wonder why I need to shed a few pounds}. In our family, there are meals that we only make during the holidays. We all look forward to sharing the meals with each other and filling our bellies with really delicious food.
When it comes down to it, the entire holiday season is a comfort in and of itself. Well minus the Black Friday shopping and the stress of hiding all those gifts from Santa!
I shared mine, now you share yours. What are your holiday comforts?


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