This post has been updated as of 1:17 pm EST Friday, May 14th.

I have just been made aware of some news that I am not happy about. Therefore, I am removing the Friday Follow from this post. I am so sorry that the people over at Friday Fellow feel that helping out a little girl with Neuroblastoma will tarnish the good natured fun of Friday Follow. When, in fact, by mentioning this beautiful child would actually do a world of good and help spread the word.

I am sorry if this pisses the powers that be off, you can go ahead and remove me as Follower of the Week, that is, unless you change your stance.

I am very thankful for the new followers that they have provided me but I just can not participate with a group who will not help this child out. I hope my new followers understand and go help Monkey out!

Click on monkey to donate…please help!

For more information on Monkey and how you can help, head on over to The Daily Dose. Help them out however you can, whether it be through prayers, support or a donation. Give what you can!

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