I had known for a while exactly where I wanted to have E’s 4th birthday party. One night last fall, we were at the local ice cream place, Bruster’s, and we saw the sign for birthday parties. I didn’t know they did parties! E noticed it as well and asked if he could have his birthday there. Sure, I said, and left it at that. Every so often, he would ask when his ice cream party was. I guess he really wanted it, right?

When the time came to book the party, it was the easiest decision to make. It was relatively inexpensive, the kids could eat all the ice cream they wanted, and bring some home. No party favors! All I had to do was invite the people. Jack. Pot.

brusters ice cream party

I mean what kid wouldn’t love to learn how to make ice cream…


…and make their own waffle bowl sundae…

brusters ice cream party

…and decorate their birthday cake.

brusters ice cream party

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