I was asked by The J.M. Smucker Company to share how we prepare for a SNACKACTION! All opinions are my own.

We are just a few short weeks away from the first day of school. I mean seriously where did summer go? I feel like we have barely even touched doing summertime things and I am already buying back to school supplies. It’s time for this momma to kick into high gear. We need to make the most out of the days we have left with each other!

One of my favorite things to do with the boys is surprise them with an outing! I pack everything up and tell them to hop in the car. It could be just a simple trip to the park or something bigger like hitting the beach. Either way, it helps build up the suspense and gets them really excited.

While I’m busy coming up with some fun things to do before we close out the summer fun, there’s another thing I have to make sure I’m doing right. Keeping the right snacks on hand! If we are going to be going on an adventure (whether it’s big or small), the kids are gonna want to have some snacks!

snacakation at walmart

On our last outing to Walmart, picking up school supplies naturally, the boys were all about the snacks. They were throwing every kind of snack imaginable in the cart! I don’t know if they were thinking ahead to their school lunches or maybe they are hitting a growth spurt or maybe they were just hungry. But I think we bought more snacks than school supplies.

Since our outings are a surprise, I get to pack the snacks without them knowing. That means I can ensure that there are some healthy snacks along with snacks I like! Our favorite? Apple slices with peanut butter!


Always a crowd favorite and get gobbled up first. But I always run into the issue of my apples browning if I slice them ahead of time. That is until I tried the rubber band trick!


After you slice your apple, put it back together and hold in place with a rubber band. It really helps cut down on the browning. Another snack hit are Smucker’s Fruit Fills.


These are a lifesaver in the car! I don’t have to worry about them spilling on themselves or the back seat!


Now back to finish making that list of things I want to do with the kids before they head back to school – both together and individually. I think it’s important to give them one-on-one time. Before I know it, they won’t want to have anything to do with me! I have to eat it all up while I can.


And now that I have the snacks all packed, it’s time to go off on an end of summer adventure!

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