I participated in the Mom Blog Tour at the Summer Fancy Food Show on behalf of  Wendy’s Bloggers and received Popcornopolis products to facilitate my review.

Who doesn’t love popcorn? And you know what makes popcorn even better? Gourmet popcorn! I was thrilled to be introduced to Popcornopolis during the Summer Fancy Food Show. While at the show, I learned all about Popcornopolis products. Like how they use all-natural ingredients from the finest sources and that every recipe is certified gluten free.
What I didn’t realize is that this wasn’t my first encounter with Popcornopolis. In fact, I had been buying their White Cheddar Popcorn at Costco for a while now. 

In addition to the being sold in grocery and other fine retail outlets, Popcornopolis is also available in sports arenas, amusement parks, theaters and cinemas—places where friends and families go to have a good time. So Popcornopolis is becoming well-known as a brand that’s synonymous with fun!


I would have to say that our favorite Popcornopolis flavor is Zebra and there is a great story that goes with it. The Zebra flavor is simply Popcornopolis’s  award-winning Caramel Corn striped with fine dark and white confectioners chocolate. And we have the Food Network to thank for it!  This flavor made its debut when the Food Network created it during a filming at Popcornopolis. After the show aired, patrons came in looking for the Zebra flavor but it wasn’t on the menu. And so the Zebra flavor was born! Sometimes the best things are made by accident!

Popcornopolis also has a “better-for- you” line of products including my favorite, the Nearly Naked popcorn in the big red bag! Pure butterfly popcorn, coconut oil, and just the right amount of salt, make this a delicious guilt-free pleasure. While I could eat all the Zebra popcorn ever made, my hips wouldn’t approve!

Popcornopolis can be spotted by its unique cone-shaped packages that make for great giftables!popcornoplis-3 Take a cone to a dinner party or family gathering, and watch the extreme enthusiasm unfold! Why not send one in on the first day of school as a fun teacher gift? Simply print out this fun gift tag and you have an instant teacher gift.  popcornoplis-5


heres to a poppin good year printable gift tag   You can find Popcornopolis in your supermarket, or at popcornopolis.com!  

And now what you’ve been waiting for! But first, follow Popcornopolis to stay update to date on all of their sweet news!

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