The days leading up to this past weekend were filled with E talking about the mountains.

“Are we going to the mountains?”

“I’m gonna go fishing at the mountains.”

“Don’t forget to pack my Flyin’ McQueen fishing rod, Mom, so I can go fishing at the mountains.”

Needless to say, E had fish on the brain. We weren’t there ten minutes and he was begging to go fishing. So off he went with my uncle and dad. After fixing up his rod and getting some worms, E was all set. He casted out his line and soon we heard shrieks coming from the dock.

His first fish!

It didn’t end there.

Over and over again, he would reel his line in with yet another fish. His cousins were getting a little frustrated because they weren’t catching anything. The fish only seemed to be biting for him! Soon they were taking turns with the “Flyin’ McQueen” fishing rod and they, too, began to catch a lot of fish.

Those kids fished all day. They only took a break when a) they were hungry, b) soaking wet from hopping into the lake and begged to get changed, or c) we made them.

He had a blast with his first time fishing. It’s all he talked about as we were packing up to leave the lake. He was even talking in his sleep about fishing on the ride home!

My little fisherman!


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