Team Ethang has officially begun raising money for the March for Babies. In only 3 days, we have received $120 in donations. I think this is amazing!

We raised over $1,300 last year and our goal for this year is only $1,000. I think we can definitely do this!

But we aren’t stopping there.
Oh no! We are in the very early stages of possibly throwing a HUGE fund raising event (more on this later this week hopefully!).

If you are in the greater Philadelphia area and would like to walk with Team Ethang, you can join our team here.

Not from the area but would like to help us out? You can make a secure donation by clicking the badge on the right.

This isn’t the last time I will be begging asking for donations…so get used to it!

Do you have a charity near and dear to your heart? Leave a comment and tell me a little bit about it. Read Ethan’s story to find out why we March for Babies.

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