I’m not going to lie.  The thing I hate to do most is to go to the dentist.  Coming in as a close second would be anything having to do with my eyes.  Contacts just are not an option for me.  Nor is the idea of laying on a table with my eyes held open as lasers are used to cut open my corneas.

This leaves just one option: glasses.

Now, I’ve never been one who focuses on vanity, so my hesitation with getting glasses was not the look, it was going through the actual exam.  Not even being unable to read the board in high school or college was enough to get me to sit through that dreaded eye exam.

I can’t recall what made me finally go to the eye doctor, but I’m certainly glad that I did.  I had noticed how difficult it had become to see while driving at night.  If you add rain into the equation and I just wasn’t comfortable behind the wheel of a car.

I’ve had  two pairs of eyeglasses in my lifetime.  One was in the early 2000’s and the other was just a few months ago.  I had grown lax in using my glasses the past few years, before getting new glasses over the summer.  I can remember putting them on for the first time and remembering the clarity that comes with actually being able to see without a blurry haze around everything.

Now that I have two kids in the car with me, I feel more of a sense of responsibility that I need to take all proper safety precautions when they are in the car.  Having a proper eye exam and glasses that fit properly goes a long way towards keeping myself and my family safe.

However, if anyone knows of a way to have 20/20 vision without having to let anyone getting too close to your eyes, I’m certainly willing to listen!


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