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When choosing toys for this age group, you really have to go right to the source and ask them what they want! It can be difficult shopping for this age set because they are so influenced by their friends. One day they could be obsessed with Legos and the next day they are hooked on something else. 

Sit down with them. Have them write out a list or check out our list of kid-approved toys!

gifts for school aged children

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ONE lucky A Grande Life reader will win a BG-X KIDS CRUSH PERFORMANCE PILLOW!

bed gear giveaway

Now your kids can achieve maximum recovery in bed with the BG-X Kids Performance Pillows! Add a splash of color to your bedroom with the Crush Performance pillow in bright blue with a blue and white air-x gusset. The cuddle curve shape provides perfect alignment for your head, neck and shoulders to ensure deep sleep. Bed Gear’s performance technologies wick away heat and moisture and keep air flowing for maximum recovery in bed.

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Looking for more gift ideas? Check out the entire 2015 Holiday Gift Guide and check back often. We will be post giveaways all throughout the holiday season!

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