BabbaBox includes 5 major components centered around the ways kids engage and learn:

  1. CREATE – 2 project that children can make themselves
  2. EXPLORE – an activity with a provided projects or object to engage with the world
  3. STORY TELL – a best selling book that represents the theme through a story
  4. CONNECT – a  digital downloads

The BabbaBox is also super convenient, because it delivers ALL the materials and content right to your door so parents just need to literally open the box and start spending quality time with their kids. The BabbaBox theme for January is “Get Organized” featuring partnerships with Real Simple and ThredUP.

What's in the BabbaCo January Box

Transform all of that post-holiday organization into fun, memorable time with your kids! Plus, teaching kids about organization encourages ownership and independence – important qualities as they develop self-esteem and confidence.

First, you’ll create a way to both organize and showcase all that kid artwork you have piled up in the corner! We all have it piled up in a corner somewhere. I know I do! Your end result will be a beautiful clothesline art gallery that both you and your children can proudly display.

clothesline art display

Then you’ll help your child create his/her own art supply organizer! We even get them finger-painting with this project!

kids' art supply organizer

For the explore component, there is an amazing tool for organizing your kids’ clothes and cleaning out those closets. BabbaCo partnered with a company called thredUP so that you will actually be able to get money in exchange for your kids’ old clothes. There is also a kid-friendly drawer labels to encourage your kids to take out and put away their own clothes.


The book for January features the beloved characters from Max and Ruby in the book, “Max Cleans Up by Rosemary Wells.”

max cleans up
Your kids will love the Toca House app, where they help cute characters clean up their house.

And finally, BabbaCo included a special something for grown-ups – they partnered with Real Simple to give you a great guide for de-cluttering your life, as well as a little token from Jessica Kim!

Go beyond the typical the toy truck or clothes for kids.  The BabbaBox is truly unique and enriching.  Kids typically rip open their presents and within 10 minutes, that toy has lost its appeal.  The BabbaBox inspires creativity and confidence in kids by getting them to do hands-on projects which then turns into a great end product that they keep – plus the fun keeps coming into the New Year when you become a Monthly or Annual Member.

Disclosure:  This article is financially supported by BabbaCo.

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