When Ethan got a new Pre-K teacher late last year, she implemented a bunch of new things in her classroom. One of them being homework. No, he’s not getting homework every night. He has one homework assignment every Wednesday night. Previous homework assignments have been cutting out shapes for an art project the following day or bringing in a picture of his family for a family tree display.

This week, Ethan’s homework assignment was pretty interesting and the whole family helped him out. Ok, so Ben didn’t get involved but it did get my husband and I involved. Since they are celebrating Presidents’ Day all week, his assignment was to find a picture of the President and bring in one fun fact about him.

We printed out a picture and then it was off to Google to find some fun facts. Here are some that we found interesting.

Fun Facts about President Obama for Kids

Fun Facts about President Obama

1. He’s left handed {just like me!}.

2. His favorite childen’s book is “Where the Wild Things Are.”

3. When he was a kid, he wanted to be an architect.

4. He loves playing Scrabble.

5. His favorite president is Abraham Lincoln.

6. His sister is a teacher.

7. He can speak Spanish.

8. He has written three top-selling books.

9. His favorite television show is SportsCenter.

10. He has read every Harry Potter book.

And the one Ethan picked for his assignment? President Obama collects Spiderman comics! He thought that was so cool!

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