This week’s Friday Fave Five is all about E! I mean how could it be not…he is my all time favorite!


1 – Every summer holiday (Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day), we head up to my aunt’s lake house. It’s always a blast! It’s so nice and relaxful to sit by the lake and let the kids run around.

2 – E used to be afraid of dogs, no matter their size. But lately, he has been really into them. My cousin had her dog at the lake house and E thought Micky was the funniest thing ever. He was even attempting to walk him! As much as E may love dogs, the hubster is strictly enforcing his no pets policy (minus the frogs).

3 – We have gone all week without a meltdown from E when I drop him off at school (um…daycare). He is finally getting back into a full time routine (he went part time in the summer). He loves his backpack. Every morning, he attempts to put it on his back, but sometimes it’s too heavy.

4 – E went fishing while at the lake house. Even though, he didn’t catch anything, he seemed to enjoy himself. His favorite part: reeling in the line.

5 – See that face. That’s the “I didn’t do it face.” E loves granola bars. Loves them so much, that he smashes them into little pieces and then eats it. I guess he figures he gets more out of it that way. He was quietly sitting in his chair eating his bar and I was straightening up his mess. Every so often, I heard this giggle coming from the car. I walked over and was greeted with this face and the granola mess on the tray.

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