My 2nd installment of Friday’s Fave Five. I love looking back on the week to see what has happened but picking out my favorites is hard!


1 – My new baby! I am in so love!!!

2 – I don’t know where these purple beauties came from. We planted them last year in our deck boxes and they popped again. But they aren’t supposed to! I guess they liked us.

3 – I know this really shouldn’t be a fave, but it is. Now that I have posted a picture of my stupid mistake (getting burnt) for properity, it will be a constant reminder to me to NEVER LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!

4 – My little guy is sick again (another double ear infection). The only good thing about him being sick is that he likes to cuddle and be held, a rarity these days.

5 – Look at that face! He loves the water so much (although I think that’s where his ear infection came from). I get a huge smile on my face when I see that look on his face.

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