Would you believe me if I told you that I was able to get my Friday Fave Five together on the previous Saturday? Well you better! We had such a great weekend!


1 – My favorite non-people shot of the weekend.

2 – Family! Who doesn’t love family? Sure there are times when they get on your nerves or they make you angry, but it always comes back to family. I am so glad that E has great cousins who love him. This five-some will make the years to come quite interesting!

3 – Have you tried the new Swedish Fish flavor at Rita’s? You haven’t! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? I hope this isn’t going to be a “limited edition” flavor. They need to make this one permanent.

4 – Adriana. This kid cracks me up. I don’t have favorites when it comes to my nieces. I love them both equally but they each have their own distinct personalities. Adriana is often told that she reminds my family of a certain person. Ahem…me! I definitely feel a connection with Adriana (and the same with Sophia but its different). I can relate to her “being the baby” (which I am often made fun of for). But, hey, let’s face it, the youngest always gets jipped. I love this picture of her. It just screams Adriana!

5 – This kid. How can I even begin to describe why he is my favorite? Oh yeah, because he’s mine. The past two weekends, it’s been basically just me and E and it’s helped me reconnect with him. Not that I wasn’t spending time with him or have been neglecting him but its usually the three of us. Spending the one on one time with him reminded me of last summer when I was on maternity leave. I learned some new things about my little man and even taught him a thing or two. Our time together has also made me realize that I need to make sure that we do things just us. And the same with the hubster.

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