Another installment of Friday Fave Five!


1 – I have to say my first engagement session was a huge success! I am finally done editting through the pictures and the couple is happily selecting their prints. Don’t forget, if you are in the Philadelphia area and would like your own shoot, head on over to and check out my work. Anyone who mentions Stick It in the Fridge will receive a special discount!

2 – At first, I thought E was going to be afraid of dogs. He used to pull away and want one of us to pick him up whenever one got close to him. Now that he’s been around his “cousin”, Miss Willow, his is fascinated by them. He even lets her give him kisses!

3 – E loves cake! And he loves to make silly faces! I am so glad I was able to capture both of them in the same shot.

4 – The hubster surprised me yesterday with a visit to Home Depot. We had been planning on redoing our kitchen but those plans have since been put on hold. Instead, he wants to redo the bathrooms (all 2.5!) a little bit at a time. We decided to start with the half bathroom downstairs. It was fun picking out different vanities, mirrors, and floors. Let’s just hope we can make a decision!

5 – ::sigh:: That Amaretto sour was soooooo good. I have been thinking about it all week. I’ve also been thinking that I need another GNO. We wait entirely too long in between them!

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