1 – Last night, we took E to the park. I just love watching my boys play…at home…at the park…wherever. You can see how much E loves his daddy and vice versa. I just love this picture!

2 – I have a new found love with the pizza cutter. I use it for everything! It makes it so much easier to cut up E’s food. I don’t know what I would do without it.

3 – Last Friday, we took E to an indoor bouncy place. He loved it! I also (shockingly) didn’t take a ton of pictures. I snapped a few when we first got there and put the camera away. I wanted to enjoy the experience with him. And I did! He had blast running around and tackling me. We are definitely going back.

4 – The weather around here has been quite fall-like. And I love it! I love jeans and sweater weather. I hope it sticks around!

5 – I had 2 sessions this past weekend! I wouldn’t say business is booming but I love that sessions are flowing in. I have generated some sincere interest and I’m having so much fun! To see the sneak peeks of my sessions, head on over to

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